Features Of LM Potency


- Dr. Srikanta Choudhury


“The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.”

– Hahnemann

Aphorism 2, Organon Of Medicine, 6 th edn.




Even today, the homoeopaths commonly practice with dry static dose and the wait and observation method, as laid down in the Hahnemann's 1st edition of Chronic Diseases , published in 1828 and 4th edition of Organon of Medicine , published in 1829. In this method, i.e. centesimal scale of potency, after administering a single dry dose, the physician has to wait as long as the state of the patient improves, even in the slightest manner. They repeat this dry dose in case when the old symptoms relapse. This method takes long time - over a week to months - to show the improvement of the sufferings. The great Teacher felt discomfort with this method due to slow improvement.



Organon 6th Edition - Needs of the Age

•  Hahnemann published his ‘Organon of Medicine', 5th edition in 1833, from Coethen , Germany . In next year, October 1834, Hahnemann and Melanie first met together. Melanie having traveled France to Coethen to see Hahnemann. After three months, 18 February 1835 , they were married. Melanie was not happy in Coethen, because of isolation and slow life style in comparison to her motherland France . So, they decided to move to Paris . Hahnemann and Madam Melanie finally left Germany on 7th June 1835 .

•  Hahnemann agreed to settle at Paris because he wanted to spread homoeopathy in a new country, which was more advanced then Germany .


Causes of delay in publication of last or 6th edition of Organon of Medicine

The last edition of the Samuel Hahnemann's ‘Organon of Medicine' was prepared for print in 1842. In a letter to Mr. Schaub, in Dusseldorf , on 20.02.1842, he wrote, “I have now, after eighteen months of work, finished the sixth edition of my Organon, the most nearly perfect of all”. By March of 1843, a few months before his death, he wrote, “I draw your attention to the last edition of the Organon which, if it is please God, will be published in near future, in the French version at least. You will find it satisfactory in every respect. The German version will be difficult on account of my mortal enemy, Trinks.” Here it is to be mentioned that, Carl Trinks was an ex-student of Samuel. What was the exact cause of feud between them were never disclosed.


Disadvantage of C' scale

•  This Lower potencies are not adequate to stimulate a healing reaction.

•  This potency takes long time in curing disease.

So, rapid cure is not possible with this potency.

•  Higher potency brings undesirable medicinal aggravation.

•  Single dose of high potency continues to act for a period of several weeks to months.

So, the physician has waited to have positive outcome.

If the result is negative, then he is to prescribe new medicine. In the meantime patient may suffer severely and may loss faith in homoeopathy.

•  Will not be possible to repeat the dose, even if there exist the remnants of symptoms of disease.

•  Controversy and confusion in the administration of dose and potency.



•  In the footnote no. 132 of the aphorism 246 Master Hahnemann denotes the new method ”new dynamization method ”, “new, altered but perfected method”.

•  In Aphorism 161 he termed as “renewed dynamization”.

•  Dr. Pierre Schmidt of Geneva termed this new scale as “50 Millesimal”.

•  Dr. S. Rawson described it as “succussed dilution” (Hahnemannian Glinings, volume XLIII, 1976).

•  In eastern region, some of homoeopaths indicate it as ‘new method ' and western countries as ‘LM method '.

Significance of the term ‘50 Millesimal' or ‘LM'

No 10 globules are required for saturation of medicine in LM potency. 100 globules are equivalent to 1 grain (i.e. 65 mg). 500 globules to be soaked in one drop of previous potency. One such medicated globule is required for next degree of dynamization in LM scale.

Hence 1/500 th of a drop instead of one full drop is used in LM potency. The material part of the medicine is reduced by (1/500 x 1/100 = 1/50,000) 50,000 times for each degree of dynamization and at the same time the curative power of the medicine increases tremendously.

Therefore, the terminology used for denoting this potency 50 Millesimal or LM potency are justified.

Sign and symbol

•  Hahnemann used to write it as 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 etc.

•  In western countries the homoeopaths used to write 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 etc.

•  At present new style of writing is LM/1, LM/2, LM/3 etc. which is more scientific.

•  In this subcontinent the homoeopaths write as 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 or M/1, M/2, M/3 etc. This new method of dynamization is denoted by prefixing ‘0', which representing symbolically the poppy size globules to be used or by capital letters ‘LM', where ‘L' stand for '50' and ‘M' for ‘Millesimal'.


Mathematics of LM potency

In this new process of dynamization – six steps are to be passed from original substance (or mother substance) to LM/2.

1 st step:- 1 drop or 1 grain of original substance + 100 gains of sac lac + 1 hour trituration by grinding, pounding, and scraping processes.

= 1 st trituration.

The drug strength here will be

= 1/100

2 nd step:- 1 grain of 1 st trituration + 100 gain of sac lac + 1 hour trituration.

= 2 nd trituration.

The drug strength here will be

= 1/100 x 1/100

= 1/10,000

3 rd step:- 1 grain of 2 nd trituration + 100 gain of sac lac + 1 hour trituration.

= 3 rd trituration.

The drug strength here will be
= 1/10,000 x 1/100

= 1/10,00,000

4 th step:- 1 grain of 3 rd trituration + 500 drops of solution (100 drops of H 2 O + 400 drops of alcohol)

= Mother solution of LM potency

The drug strength here will be
= 1/10,00,000 x 1/500

= 1/50,00,00,000

5 th step:- 1 drop of Mother solution + 100 drops of alcohol + 100 succussions

= 1 st potency of LM scale or LM/1

The drug strength here will be
= 1/50,00,00,000 x 1/100

= 1/50,00,00,00,000

6 th step:- One globules no 10 (which weigh is 1/100 grain) soaked with LM/1 + 1 drop of H 2 O + 100 drops of alcohol + 100 succussions.

= 2 nd potency or LM/2

Difference the drug strength with previous potency is

1/500 x 1/100 = 1/50,000


Hence, in LM scale, decreased medicinal property in each degree of dynamization is 50,000 times.

Comparison between Centesimal and LM

•  A. : Centesimal scale prepared according to the directives of Organon 5 th edn. and LM according to 6 th edn.

•  B. : In Centesimal scale the proportion of medicinal substance and vehicle is 1:99 in 1 st potency, whereas in LM scale it is 1:50 ,00,00,00,000

•  C. : During potentization, Centesimal needs 10 succussions and LM needs 100 succussions.

Preparation of the dose

For Oral application

•  It is essential to make an aqueous solution of LM potency to adjust the doses to fit sensitivity of the patient.

•  Take one clean 4oz bottle with cork. Put 2/3 rd part of that phial with H 2 O & add few drops of alcohol for prevention the solution.

•  Mixed only one medicated globules No.10 into that solution. Now this is ready for use.

•  Divided the solution into 7 or 8 doses by marks.

Administration of remedy

For Oral application

•  According to the sensitivity of the pt., succus the phial 8, 10, 12 times prior taking medicine.

This may enhance in releasing the kinetic energy, which may activate that medicinal solution more vigorously.

•  Each dose from the solution is to be applied in the same manner.

In case of aggravation, administration of the medicine should be stopped and to be allowed to settle the aggravation.

•  If the same remedy is indicated, now administer the remedy through dilute the solution in 2 nd , 3 rd or 4 th glass of H 2 O.

Mode of administration of LM potency

Hahnemann had clearly advice about the administration of the medicine in aphorism 248, Organon 6 th edn.

•  In very urgent cases, well selected medicine is to be administered every hour or oftener ( i.e. in this case we may apply medicine every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes interval as necessary – S.C.)

•  In general acute cases, medicine is to be applied after every two to six hourly.

•  In long lasting diseases (i.e. Chronic diseases – S.C.) daily or every second day.

Advantage of LM over C'

•  Rapid and gentle ideal of cure of acute and chronic diseases.

The greatest boon to the profession .

The course of treatment may be minimized to one-half, one-quarter or even more less.

•  Requires no antidote.

•  Highest development of power.

The most powerful in action .

•  Mildest reaction
Can be safely administered even in most fatal cases without fear.

•  Frequent repetition permissible
Even long acting medicines may be repeated when necessary .

•  Observation is very easy
Observation of the patient after administration of medicine is very easy.


LM Potency is relevant for modern murky times. Most of the homoeopaths have simply gone tangent to the massage of HAHNEMANN who, even 160 years before had preached for simplicity in standards.

In daily practice, if we follow the directives of our Master in case of selection of potency and administration of dose, we can surely achieve our goal by relieving the ailing human being in shortest periods without any furious medicinal aggravation.

Case Presentation

Acute Case

1. Miss Srinjona , a four-and-half year girl, was suffering from whooping cough since Oct 23, 1999 . She was brought to my chamber on Nov 13, 1999 , after about three weeks of suffering. In the meantime, three child-specialists treated her; four types of antibiotics, cough syrup and vitamin syrup was administered. However, she got no sign of relief. Lastly, she was prescribed Taxim-O.

Severe dry cough continued for three to four minutes until hardly foamy mucous she could expel. After sometime, cough starts again. She had to hold her chest during such coughs. She could not sleep well for last 16 days. Cough aggravates whenever her head reaches the pillow.

Medicine: Drosera – LM/1, 8 doses in 100 ml of D.W. After 10 succussions one dose BD.

She could sleep without any trouble on that night. After a few doses, yellow sputum came out easily. Then Hepar Sulph – LM/1 was administered. After 12 day, she traveled in an A/C car with her family.

2. Miss Pompom , aged 4 years, had severe earache and was sensitive to touch. A boil was within her ear. She was fond of sleeping on her mothers lap. But she could hardly sleep, perhaps due to throbbing pain her ear.

Medicine: Chamomilla – LM/1, 8 doses in 100 ml of D.W. Given at 10 minutes interval. Within 15 minutes, i.e. after 2nd dose, she went on deep sleep.

Next morning she reported that she feels her ear passage was blocked . On examine it was found that the ear passage was full with pus. Constitutionally she was prescribed Pulsatilla - LM/1, O D. Third day she was fully cured.

Chronic Case


Mrs. Chabi Das, 35 years, a housewife of Kanaipur, Hooghly in West Bengal was suffering from bleeding piles since last 10 years. She was previously under treatment of a local homoeopath for at least 4 years, who failed to cure. Only bleeding was subsided. Since last 6 months, problem had seriously aggravated and forced her to go to an allopath for immediate relief, though her family faiths in homoeopathy. The G. P. tried to relieve for a month and then refer to a Surgeon. The Surgeon, engaged in Kolkata's Nil Ratan Sarkar Hospital and Medical College , run by the state government. After clinical and pathological observation, she was advised for admission on a specific date. On that day, Mrs. Das gone to be admitted at the NRS but found the Surgeon was on leave for 15 days. Only then, her family opted to consult a second homoeopath considering the operation may be averted and the problem is over.

Her husband, a patient of severe eczema, was treated by my father late Dr. Harimohan Choudhury. They came to me on June 10, 1999 with a mind that Dr. Choudhury's method of treatment can cure her. Within a few months, she was fully cured. It was possible by following the latest scientific advice of our Master Hahnemann, i.e. in LM potency.

Main problem :

Hemorrhoids since last 10 years. Previously there was bleeding but prolong homoeopathic treatment subsided that. Aching aggravates after stool and relieved by hot application. Severe burning in the rectum with dryness sensation. Feels as if a bunch of sticks in the rectum. Pain also in back.

Other complains :

Pruritis in genitalia.

Frequent urge for urination, especially at night.

Chest pain as if from upwards pressure of flatulence.

Past history :

Bleeding from piles. History of pinworm irritation in the anus. She had dry eczema in her early age.

Family history :

Mother – Diabetes mellitus, Piles.

Father – Rheumatic trouble.

Generalities :

•  Appetite – Normal .

•  Thirst – Normal . She wants to avoid due to nocturia.

•  Like – Lukewarm food, fish, salty item.

•  Aversion – No such.

•  Bowel – Hard stool . Constipation . Accumulation of flatus in the

morning and evening.

•  Sleep – Normal .

•  Perspiration – Excess. Slightly bad odor.

•  Menstruation – Profuse. Stopped for 8 hours after 3 days of continuous flow and again continue one day.

•  Thermal relation – Hot patient .

•  Bath – Likes.

•  Habit – Tea.

Mental general :

Forgetful, active, hurried, obstinate. Slight cause makes her irritated.

On Physical Examination :

•  B. P. – 118 / 76,

•  Pulse – 76.

•  Soft warts on the neck.

Pathological Findings :

Serum Glucose (R) – 150.

Treatment :

Symptoms covered:

1. Hemorrhoid

2. Fells of small sticks in the rectum

3. Hard stool

4. Aching in rectum

•  Burning in rectum

6. Frequent micturation

7. Pain in the chest

This rubric indicates to Aesculus.

10.06.99 :

Aesculus Hipspana – LM/1, LM/3.

One medicated globules No. 10 mixed in 100ml of distilled water. Add 15-20 drops of alcohol for preservation. Each phial divided into 16 equal doses. After 10 succussions, one dose to be taken in the empty stomach, TDS. After finishing the 1st medicine then start 2nd one.

Advised to report after 10 days.


21.06.99 :

She returns to report that after few hours of taking the medicine she felt better. Now stool is soft. No pain after evacuation. Occasionally pinching and burning.

Tongue slight whitish coated, flabby and imprint of teeth.

Saliva – excess, come out pouring at night.

Thirst – + ve.

Now indicate Mercurious.

Merc Sol – LM/3, LM/4.

Solution prepared as above stated procedure in 60 ml D.W. 8 doses each BD for two days, then OD.


Pin worm irritation in the rectum. Others improve.

Teucrium Marum - LM/1

Prepare in 60ml D.W. 8 marks, OD.

17.07.99 :

No irritation of worm.


This time menstruation flow is normal.

Sulphur – LM/1, prepared as before, OD.

27.07.99 :

Improvement in all respect.

Sulphur - LM/3 (as LM/2 was not stock).

Prepared as above, OD.

O8.08.99 :

Stool not clear, Backache, B.P. – 110/65

Nihilinum – LM/0, 60ml, 8 doses, OD.


16.08.99 :

Stool again hard, but there is no pain. Backache in the morning.

Thuja Occidentalis – LM/3, LM/4, LM/5, prepared as same, OD.

12.09.03 :

Again the rectal pain aggravates since last 3 days. Needs additional strains for evacuation. Bleeding from rectum.

Ratanhia – LM/1, LM/2, prepared in 60ml D.W. 8 marks, OD.

29.09.99 :

Improvement. Menstruation twice in this month.

Thuja Occ - LM/7 to LM/11.

All was given in 60ml with 8 marks, OD.

09.01.2000 :

Stool clear. Again irritation of worms.

Tuberculinum LM/6, LM/7, LM/8 (incase of Nosodes needs high potency), prepared as same, OD.

18.01.2000 :

Severe bleeding started as it was at the initial stage. The patient was puzzled and thought that an operation would be the only solution as the trouble was intolerable. She seeks my opinion. She was asked to wait and watch for a few days.

Nihilinum LM/0 – 2 phials prepared as before, OD.


There was no report from her quarters for a long time.


After almost a year-and a-half, her husband came to me for the treatment of their daughter. In course of conversation, he quipped, “She is all right now”.

Surprised I asked, “Well, operation cured her then?”

“No sir, not at all. With your wonderful medicine she is well now”.