1. We are dynamiting, supplying and exporting the largest number medicines (including Nosodes) in 50 Millesimal scales in the world.

2. The purity of medicines are guaranteed. Very cautiously and strictly we follow the rules and regulations of the Organon and Pharmacopoeia.

3. The cost of medicine in spite of great adversities is not much.

4. Our sole mission is to materialize the ideal of cure for the sake of sick humanity and advancement of the science and art of Homoeopathy as promulgated by Hahnemann in his latest edition of the epoch making Organon.

5. Our doctrine is to pursue the smooth running of the dynamic wheel of Hahnemannian Homœopathy and to render our best possible service to the Homoeo Physicians and also to save them from the clutches of vested interested apothecaries. All perfect Pharmacists are our brothers.

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